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 My summer was a complete success.

I can't believe how much I've done in less than three months. 

HOBY - I met the greatest people who are leader/nerd types just like myself.  I've been motivated to volunteer.  I learned that just being myself is still good enough.

Florida - My family drives me nuts.  But I love them.  It's just how it goes.

IYC - I've decided I love Texas.  I have faith that God is going to do something incredible with my life.  I have to do something with music when I grow up, or I'll never be happy.  I met Sanctus Real.  I stalked Chris Tomlin.  I met a great friend.  I won an iPod.  And I realized how much I rely on my youth pastor and leaders for everything.  They are my family.

Yearbook Camp - I'm an editor at last!  I feel like the stress of the last two years is finally worth it.  I remembered my friends from my school, and I know that with a little determination, I can make my junior year incredible. We're going to have an amazing book.

West Virginia - I'm still in shock that I got to see Kaelie and the rest of my Missouri family.  I couldn't live without them.  They are one of the biggest blessings in my life.  I'm so grateful for their generosity, support, and love.  I am so happy they are in my life.

August - Babysitting has been mellow.  I took naps until noon everyday. My youth pastor is church planting, and it's breaking my heart.  The boy who I thought would someday be mine is not.  The boy I counted on is not there anymore.  And a new boy is in my life.  I have the biggest obsession ever with the Jonas Brothers.  I have a new soundtrack to start my school year - Secondhand Serenade, The Maine, Mayday Parade, We The Kings, This Providence, The Academy Is..., Forever The Sickest Kids, and Cute Is What We Aim For.  I actually enjoy the fair.  I'm now 17.  I had a great party that didn't have several thousand people.  I will reunite with people from my school and be happy.

But best of all this summer, I have my best friend back.  Somehow between Texas hotels, loving the Jonas Brothers, growing in God, and losing a few pounds, we are back and better than ever.  I'm so grateful.  It's like we never grew apart.

I am blessed, and I am so happy.