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Oh my goodness.

So yesterday, our band had to play at a Revival.  That was cool.

I came at 1:30 to practice.  This other band was there, and they're getting pretty big now.  I used to sing in a youth band with their drummer, and now his younger brother plays bass for our band.

So anyway, the other band has four guys in it.  I've only see them one other time.  But there was this guy that was helping them set up and get their table ready and everything while we were practicing. 

We got done practicing, and that guy (who is super attractive) came up to me, held out his hand, and said "Hello.  I'm (whatever his name was.  I didn't remember it).  What's your name again?"

So I told him.  And then he repeated it.  And then he said "You have a great voice.  I was listening to you."

I said thank you.  And smiled.

Wow.  He was so cute.

Then I got to see them perform...and they were so great.

Our five second conversation was like magic.  :)